Suffering an accident at work can get complicated pretty easily. Of course, although it is hard to respond at the moment the unfortunate events occur, the best for us and our attorney is to react as fast as possible when facing that situation. That way, everything will flow the most fair way possible.

Whether you are an employee or employer, you must know that there is a very convenient measure to recover from the losses caused by an accident at work. We are talking about the workers´ compensation.

You may have heard about personal injury claims, but although these may seem to be similar, both personal injury cases and workers´ compensation have several differences we must keep in mind. Anyway, the professional help of an experienced personal injury lawyer in London will guide you to know which one is the best in your case.

What are the differences between Workers´ Compensation and Personal Injuries?

All legal processes are different from the others, and there is no exception with workers´ compensation and personal injuries. To start, we can say that the main difference between these two, is the necessary “fault” to establish a claim.

In the case of the workers´ compensation, the injured worker does not have to prove that he or she did anything wrong, or even that there was some kind of negligence from the employer. There is not fault needed to receive workers´ compensation. And even if you caused the accident, you are still getting that compensation.

On the other hand, talking about personal injuries, any injury lawyer in London can tell you that it is always necessary to prove someone´s fault to make a claim. The objective for the personal injury lawyer in London is to prove the defendant has liability over the accident.

Differences in Damages and Process your Injury Lawyer in London must let you know

There are also other differences between workers´ compensation and personal injuries that your attorney must let you know. For example, unlike personal injury cases, the damages for pain and suffering are not included in a workers´ compensation claim.

Another difference is that, when filling for a workers´ compensation, the process starts once you notify your employer about the accident. Both of you have to complete some forms, to begin with, the legal process; then the insurance company can start with the investigation.

But if you want to claim for personal injury, you must do it in court and, only after that, you will give to the other party a copy of the lawsuits. Of course, to do all this you must count on professional help. Here in EBPC Personal Injury Lawyer, we can give you that help. Just contact us, and a personal injury lawyer in London will give you the support you need to carry out a legal process.